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call for PloneFormGen feature requests

by David Glick posted Nov 19, 2008 06:48 PM
ONE/Northwest is gearing up for building various "civic engagement features"--things like online fundraising, online advocacy, and event RSVP--on top of Plone and (You'll be hearing more about this.) PloneFormGen will play a significant role in implementing several of these features, so we've invited its creator, the illustrious Steve McMahon, to come up to Seattle for a little PloneFormGen mini-sprint at the beginning of December.

As part of planning for this sprint and the future of PloneFormGen development, we'd like to get a sense of which outstanding feature requests are most desired by the community. So if you use PloneFormGen, please take a minute to go to and vote for the improvements that would most ease your life when working with PloneFormGen. (The list is as of this writing heavily influenced by my own sense of what's important -- please feel free to add new items as well.)

Of course, our primary interest during the mini-sprint will be in scratching our own itches, but this may help us choose which of a number of minor itches to scratch if we have time, and I imagine the rating of priorities will come in handy in the future. (This is also a bit of a case study to see how well +/- voting works for prioritizing feature requests, to see if it's something we should also consider doing for Plone itself.)