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by David Glick posted Aug 05, 2010 01:55 AM
The Groundwire team and I have been busy bringing you updates to your favorite Plone add-ons.

Sometimes it's easy to get carried away fixing bugs and making new releases without remembering to announce them.  So here's a blog post to catch up on what the Groundwire web team and I have been up to in Plone add-on land the past few months.

Most noteworthily, David Bain has been working on, an improved UI for customizing Plone theme resources, as his Google Summer of Code (GSOC) project. This week we were finally ready to release the first alpha. Please try it out and give us feedback so that we can continue to make it better!  (Note the special installation instructions if you're on Plone 3.)  GSOC is almost over, but David is still at work trying to add support for automatically exporting customized items to a filesystem theme product.  If you missed the blog post where I introduced the theme editor, you can go watch the demo screencast.

And a bunch more...

pfg.donationform 1.0 - This product simplifies the process of setting up a PloneFormGen-based donation form that processes payments via PloneGetPaid. It provides a custom add form that creates a PloneFormGen form with fields for contact and billing info, and an adapter to fill a cart and initiate checkout. It includes a custom "donation field" and widget for use with PloneFormGen, which allows choosing from a list of predefined named donation levels or choosing an arbitrary amount to donate. It also supports an option to make a recurring donation if you're using a GetPaid payment processor that supports that (currently the and PayPal processors).

Products.PressRoom 3.8 - We've been fixing various issues with Plone 4 compatibility, and Matt Yoder just made a change so that the various listings (press releases, press clippings, etc.) are now based on Collections, for improved customizability.

Products.salesforcebaseconnector 1.3 - Query results can now be accessed from RestrictedPython in templates, and there is a new validateCredentials method to aid in remotely monitoring to confirm that the Salesforce connection is working.

Products.salesforcepfgadapter 1.6.2 - The new release includes a bugfix to support the case when you're using the adapter in update mode and the user is trying to clear a non-required field. (thanks to Matt Yoder)

collective.megaphone 1.4 - This new release of Groundwire's online advocacy campaign tool contains some fixes for Plone 4 compatibility, as well as a rewrite of the drag-and-drop UI for reordering fields to avoid a dependency on collective.jqueryui.  Look for a bigger Megaphone release including a new Petition feature soon.

collective.salesforce.authplugin 1.4 - Contains a couple bugfixes, plus some improvements to make it easier to use multiple auth plugins in the same Plone site (i.e. if you need to authenticate against multiple types of Salesforce objects).

collective.simplesocial 1.3 - Adds a couple features including a collective.googleanalytics plugin to track clickthroughs when prompting people to post to their Facebook feed, and an option to only show the latter after an edit. (thanks to Matt Yoder)

collective.z3cform.wizard 1.3.2 - Avoids some spurious inline editing errors. 1.1.2 - This is mostly Steve McMahon's brainchild, but in the most recent release I added a stylesheet for Plone 3 based on the overlay styles from Plone 4's Sunburst theme, so that add-ons using jquerytools don't have to provide styles for the popup overlays.

Products.PloneFormGen 1.6.0b4 - We shifted to a different approach for getting keys for storing items in the saved data adapter, which should help avoid conflicts in heavy-write scenarios.

Finally, as I write this, Martin Aspeli is making a new beta release of the Dexterity content type system, incorporating numerous bugfixes.

DavidJB says:
Aug 04, 2010 08:29 PM
Tested out the Theme Editor and it's a very nice way of avoiding the ZMI when customising (save for creating new things like Python scripts or page templates). I did find that I had to apply the Plone 3 "special" installation instructions for Plone 4.0b5, though, due to a version conflict of (1.1b5 vs >=1.1b6). Just me?
eleddy says:
Aug 05, 2010 08:22 AM
nice job! I can't wait to play with theme editor.